At Anderson Acoustics we aim to empower our clients, helping them to make those important design decisions. We realise that sometimes talking in acoustic terms has its limitations.
We think it's better to listen.

Using our SonicRoom™ and advanced acoustic modelling tools, we can create a listening experience (also known as a ‘sonification’ or ‘auralisation’)¬†for our clients to demonstrate the sound of a space or environment before it has been built. This includes auditoriums, sport venues, classrooms, transport hubs, and shopping malls as well as offices, homes, and external spaces.

We believe that speaking the same language is the first important step towards a positive and constructive collaboration.

How does it work?

We would love to talk you through this process of acoustic modelling and see whether we can help. Download our PDF brochure or send us a message.

Design stage

SonicRoom™ allows you to listen to the acoustics of a building or space at the design stage, allowing for upfront adjustment where needed.

Controlled acoustics

Our carefully controlled SonicRoom™ space uses ambisonic technology and acoustic modelling, eliminating interference from external sources of noise.

Authentic rendering

We produce an accurate and authentic render of the sound, as if you were in the space itself.

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