Environmental Assessment

Strategic and environmental noise impact assessments for all types of development from micro-wind turbines, to waste facilities to airport masterplans.

Environmental noise assessments apply to all developments where there is the potential for a noise impact to arise on others from your project or if there may be existing environmental sources that are not part of your scheme which could affect the development.

Whether, you are submitting a planning application for your residential or commercial development premises, installing a building services plant, building a skate park, a recycling facility or even conducting a formal EIA for a major development, we have the experience, expertise and tools to provide a sustainable solution for environmental noise control that meet your needs.

How we do it

We work with you, local planning and other regulatory bodies to ensure an appropriate assessment is conducted to enable planning permission to be secured and through the process of discharging acoustic conditions as they may arise.

Baseline monitoring

Using precision sound measurement equipment, we establish baseline noise conditions and observe the acoustic character of the environment through a noise survey.

Establishing impacts

To understand what impacts the existing environment will have on the proposed development, and vice versa, we use nationally and internationally recognised calculation methods, including BS4142 assessment of environmental noise.

‚ÄčMitigation of impacts

Where an impact is deemed unfavourable, we provide robust mitigation solutions to minimise the impact in line with relevant guidelines. We have the experience to deliver the correct solution, whether for operational, transport or plant noise.

Assessment of residual effects

To support the progression of your project, we provide a written summary of the residual impacts from the concept stage through to its realisation.

Why Use Us?

Here are some of the ways that we can help in this sector. If you've got a project in mind, our contact details are below or you can send a message to the team directly using our contact form .

Expert advice

With a team of over twenty people, we are one of the largest specialist acoustic consultancies in the country with a vast amount of collective experience in conducting environmental impact assessments.

Intelligent solutions

Whether the impact be construction noise, operational noise or transport noise, we provide appropriate and intelligent acoustic advice to mitigate - balancing cost, functional and aesthetic requirements to deliver the right solutions for your project.


Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable future. Enabling growth for our clients whilst minimising the impact on the environment is hugely rewarding for us - we are driven to find a win-win outcome at every opportunity.

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