About Anderson Acoustics

We are a conscious acoustics consultancy making an active contribution to a sustainable future and improved quality of life.

Our Values

Great People

We are professional, honest, straightforward, down to earth, and approachable - good service and understanding come naturally. We treat people with respect and provide opportunities, the work environment and freedom to lead and succeed.

Driven by quality

From the way we engage with our clients, to the clarity of our reporting and our internal processes, the quality of our approach underpins everything we do. As the founder of Lego, Ole Kirk, said "the best is never too good".

Technically robust

We are technically strong and our work is thorough. However, our industry can often be over complicated by jargon so we aim to communicate in a way that people will understand.


  • Very helpful and accommodating with programme restraints.

    Paul Steventon, Sunninghill Construction Company
  • Anderson Acoustics continue to provide an excellent service. Onsite testing is always undertaken in a professional manner.

    Chris Page, Denne Construction Company
  • We are very happy with the professional and friendly service provided for each project commissioned.

    Anthony Aldridge, Monza Interiors Ltd.

Our Company

The company was formed in Brighton in 2006 and has become a successful and respected consultancy with a reputation for delivering a reliable, honest, friendly and professional service. With over twenty great employees we are one of the largest specialist acoustics consultancy practices in the UK, meaning we can deliver on the most challenging projects.

We provide acoustics and vibration management consultancy services across the airports, construction, environmental, schools and building acoustics sectors (including UKAS accredited sound insulation testing). We have been involved in small to very large scale projects, ranging in value from under fifty thousand to billions of pounds, with team experience delivering UK and international projects.

We pride ourselves on developing an excellent understanding of our clients’ needs; we work collaboratively, adding value wherever possible to secure successful and sustainable outcomes.

Our contributions have been recognised in an award-winning school development (RIBA London 2010 Award Longford Community School).

Our second office opened in 2013, just five minutes from London Bridge. The London office has enabled us to expand, provide a more timely service to our clients in and around the capital whilst keeping us grounded by the seaside.

In this increasingly challenging and changing world we need to develop whilst remaining true to our core principles. With valuable support from the team at Conscious Business People, we are evolving a conscious and democratic approach to business to enable a continued, sustainable and happy future.

One thing is for sure, we will continue to develop as our people, clients and the environment present new opportunities and challenges.

Clients we have worked with include:

Our People

We’re really proud of our team and because of this, we invest heavily in mentoring and coaching to ensure that we’re equipped to provide our clients with the best possible service and experience. Find out more about who we are and what makes us tick below.

Abi Neill

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Community Engagement Team

Abi is part of our Community Engagement Team, based in our Brighton office.

Adam Glass

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Principal Consultant

Adam has 15 years’ experience as an environmental manager and consultant in local authority, asset manager and consultancy roles. His experience spans a diverse range of environmental and sustainability disciplines with a specific focus on environmental and construction acoustics, vibration, air quality, dust and EIA coordination.

Adam provides technical leadership in these disciplines.

Adam is based in our Brighton office.

Andy Knowles

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Owner & Managing Director

Andy is the Managing Director of Anderson Acoustics. He has extensive experience of working on a wide range of noise management projects, including notably the recent noise assessments for Heathrow Airport’s proposals to the Airports Commission. Andy has a passion for making a difference, leading and inspiring the team to make our world a better sounding place.

Andy splits his time between the Brighton and London offices.

Argie the dog

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Food waste management & facilitation

Argie comes into the office regularly and is one of the most popular members of the Anderson Acoustics team. He spends most of his time waiting for scraps of food to be dropped, sleeping on the sofa and heading up our new exciting sister company K9 Acoustics…

Argie is mostly in the Brighton office, but has been known to jump on the train to London.

Claire Holgate

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Comms & Marketing

Claire has a background in communications and bridges the gap between the consulting work we do, the best practice we aim for and the way that we communicate our experiences with the world. She leads on our website, communications and advancing our knowledge leadership.

Claire is new to acoustics and so she’s learning constantly from the team and is fascinated by the link between sound and wellbeing.

Claire works remotely and between both offices.

Doushiant Mohith

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]


Doushiant began his career at Anderson Acoustics and has worked on various projects ranging across many acoustic disciplines. He was initially drawn to acoustics because it sounded good (!) …and he was pleasantly surprised when he discovered how interesting and rewarding the field is.

Doushiant is based in our London office.

Georgie Monaghan

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Strategic Communications

Georgie is a strategic communications director and leads on developing our communications channels in line with our wider company goals.

Georgie works part-time on Fridays from the Brighton office.

Grace Evans

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

PA and Brighton Office Manager

Grace oils the cogs and makes sure we all keep running smoothly by managing the office and all the stuff that helps to make us compliant and as great as we all can be at our jobs. She’s the cheery voice that is often first point of contact for clients – and makes the best cuppa too!

Grace loves being in Brighton – her favourite sound is that of the crashing waves washing back over the stones on the beach… and her kids laughing.

Grant Waters

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]


Grant works and develops our building acoustic and soundscape sectors. He is responsible for leading the ‘listening’ of spaces using our SonicRoom and driving change that challenges the way we design our cities to focus on the human scale, prioritising the health and wellbeing of both its inhabitants and the environment.

Grant is based in our London office.

Jack Naumann

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]

Assistant Consultant

Jack’s primary focus is noise and air quality management within the aviation sector.

Jack splits his time between our London office and Heathrow.

Jacqui Thompson

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Community Engagement Team

Jacqui joins our Community Engagement Team following extensive experience working overseas in China and Romania, supporting students and professionals to undertake training in the UK. She’s well versed in managing helpdesks and has a passion for support and engagement, so is looking forward to contributing to further development of the team as it expands.

Jacqui is based in our Brighton office.

Joe Baggaley

T: 0203 176 7909 Email: [email protected]

Joe’s role is to develop a company that puts its people at the heart of things. He works in and develops our building acoustics sector and is one of our most experienced consultants. He is passionate about sound in the built environment and is all about making the world sound better.

Joe is based in our London office.

John Newman

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Customer Success

John is responsible for driving the growth of the business and being the voice of the customer within the organisation. He works with all our major clients and is particularly interested in the link between acoustics, productivity and wellbeing.

He has held senior sales roles for Fujitsu, Panasonic and Sonic Solutions, and has an MBA from Ashridge Hult. In his spare time he makes noise playing saxophone and escapes noise walking in the hills.

John splits his time between the London and Brighton offices.

Karen Lobo

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]rsonacoustics.co.uk

Community Engagement Team

Karen is part of our Community Engagement Team, based in our Brighton office.

Kasia Bosiak

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]

Assistant Consultant

Kasia is based in our London office.

Katie Culligan

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Community Engagement Team

Katie is a keen observer of life and has a compassionate understanding for others which makes the perfect ingredients to work the superb Community Engagement team, based in our Brighton office.

Mateusz Garbala

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]


Mateusz works primarily on construction noise, having recently joined the Anderson Acoustics team after working on large-scale infrastructure projects, including Crossrail and Thames Tideway, for the last few years.

Mateusz is based in our London office.

Nicole Porter

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Associate Director

Nicole is an industry-leading expert on the impacts of aviation noise and noise management planning for airports, with over twenty years experience in the field. She leads our work in the aviation sector, including developing new research programmes and working directly to engage with communities.

Nicole works between our London office and Heathrow.

Ollie Granath

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Community Engagement Team

Ollie is interested in urban livability and the associated environmental challenges. He believes that communities and place-making are the essence of enjoyable and successful urban environments. Ollie’s interest was piqued while studying for an MA in urban conservation and visiting various cities at the forefront of sustainable urbanism.

Ollie is based in our Brighton office.

Pau Santamaria

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]

Senior Consultant

Pau has over 7 years’ experience as an acoustic consultant, of which the last three have been in the UK market; with previous consultancy experience in Spain. His experience spans a diverse range of disciplines of acoustic consultancy from planning through to detailed mitigation design, with a specific focus on environmental acoustics.

Pau is based in our London office.

Peter Akhurst

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Senior Consultant

Peter has a great breadth of knowledge and experience in the field of acoustics and vibration. He brings many years of experience in the production of noise and vibration assessments, production of s61 applications and managing and delivering noise and vibration monitoring projects on large scale construction projects.

Peter is based in our Brighton office.

Pierangelo Di Stefano

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]


Piero works on aviation noise as part of our airports team. He is based in our London office.

Rachel Rogers

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Community Engagement Team

Rachel is part of our Community Engagement Team, based in our Brighton office.

Robin Monaghan

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Quality & Technical manager, Geographic Systems

Robin leads the testing arm of the company whilst wearing the cap of Quality and Technical Manager. Through his work on airports, he has become versed in the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allowing the mapping of noise and it’s impacts on people.

Robin is mainly based in our Brighton office.

Sam Martin

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]

Assistant Consultant

Sam joined Anderson Acoustics soon after completing the IOA diploma in 2015. He currently works in a broad range of acoustic areas and enjoys the entire process of a project from the initial acoustic brief and proposal, through to site visits, testing and design.

He is interested in new and creative solutions to acoustic issues that lead to improved quality of life and a more sustainable future.

Sam is based in our London office.

Sam Zokay

T: 020 3176 7909 Email: [email protected]


Sam envisions an approach to acoustics that goes beyond merely neutralising noise-related problems to creating auditory environments that are pleasurable in their own right.

He presently finds enrichment listening to music from The Beach Boys’ 50 year long recording career.

Sam works in our London office.

Stephen Hale

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Assistant Consultant

Stephen leads on our sound insulation testing to comply with current building regulations. He also provides support on other projects and has experience in creating noise management plans for festivals and outdoor events. As well as acoustics, Stephen has a passion for dance music, spending his spare time producing and DJ’ing.

Stephen is based at our Brighton office.

Tom Orbell-Bailey

T: 01273 696887 Email: [email protected]

Assistant Consultant

Tom assists in all areas of our activities in sound testing and modelling. He has a background in music production and technology and a particular interest in room acoustics which extends into all aspects of sensory aesthetics. Tom is passionate about technology and the development of a sustainable future.

Tom is based in our Brighton office.

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